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The Member Club subscription is the best and cheapest fitness plan you can get. For a bit of investment, you will get a monthly workout plan with protocols for hypertrophy and weight loss, nutrition tips, access to the blog with weekly posts about nutrition and exercises, and an exclusive discount for other programs, plus promo codes for the Baron's Store.

A glute workout protocol designed by a glute specialist trainer will be available for the members every two months.

You will get:

  • 4-weeks Selected Exercises Hypertrophy Workout Program. (Women & Men). 
  • Advanced Techniques are applied to get the best results.
  • Periodization Orientation.
  • 4-weeks Cardio Workout Program for fat loss.
  • 4-weeks Glutes Workout Program (ever two months)
  • Bonus: Nutrition Tips (No plan meals include in this program.)
  • Bonus: Exclusive discount for other programs.
  • Bonus: Promo codes for the Baron's Store.